Naturigin: organic hair colour

natural hair color

Naturigin: organic hair colour

Permanent natural based and organic hair colour

As you may have seen in my Instagram profile (dorafashionspace), last month I tried Naturigin, a permanent natural based and organic hair colour.

I discovered this brand at the London Bloggers Hangout Party and I was immediately interested in their natural products.

The lovely team sent me a colour to try and review and my experience was 100% positive.

light chocolate brown hair colour

I tried the light chocolate brown hair colour. In the packaging, I found all the products to dye my hair at home.

organic hair colour

The product had a great coverage and the colour really lasted. In fact, after a month, I can still see the results! The best part was that, as soon as I dyed my hair, it looked really soft and shiny.

naturigin hair colour result

I think this is the best product, for hair colour, that I have tried until now!

Furthermore, the product is gentle. It is really important to know what we put on our bodies. My skin and scalp are really sensitive and I have to be really careful when I use a beauty product, in particular when it comes to hair colouring.

permanent natural based hair colour

When I discover Naturigin, I was really happy to know that someone was creating better natural hair colour products. In fact, I did not have any problems using this organic hair colour. I also really appreciated that Naturigin is ammonia and parabens free.

Naturigin has the lowest measured PPD levels of any competitor in the market. This is a really important factor to consider. However, as some people could have an allergic reaction, I always recommend you to do a patch test before using any hair colour product.

naturigin organic hair care

About Naturigin

Naturigin is a Danish brand that created really good hair colouring and hair care products based on organic extracts and natural oils. The products contain certified natural ingredients.

The name “Naturigin” has come from the union of he words “nature” and “origin” and symbolise the brand connection with a green environment and lifestyle.

naturigin review

Thanks to Naturigin it is possible to use natural beauty products without compromising the functionality and the results. Naturigin was also awarded best Natural Beauty Product 2014 – 2015 in the US market, for its high product quality and its excellence.


You can find Naturigin hair colours in different Lloyds Pharmacies in the UK. You can also buy the products online from Simply Natural.

Naturigin has also a line of hair care suitable for coloured hair.   

naturigin activator

naturigin colour cream

naturigin colour lock

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