Natural beauty at the Bloggers Hangout party

bloggers hangout london fashion week party

The Bloggers Hangout London Fashion Week party

Natural beauty and healthy food brands you need to know about!

Last Monday I was invited to The Bloggers Hangout London Fashion Week party that took place at the Provision Studios, in the trendy Shoreditch area.

It was a great occasion to relax during the busy Fashion Week schedule and to discover new natural beauty brands. I also met new bloggers and try amazing healthy food.

All the beauty and food brands that were at The Bloggers Hangout London Fashion Week party were natural and organic. Natural beauty products and healthy food are a great combination to have a good skin.

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Natural beauty brands

At The Bloggers Hangout London Fashion Week party I discovered four amazing natural beauty brands that I will present to you.

ARK Skincare

ark age aware skincare

Ark is a revolutionary British brand that treats skin by age, using natural ingredients to achieve effective results. ARK skincare was voted “Best Day Moisturiser” at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2015.

ARK Skincare has relaunched its iconic cleansing with a new name: Pro Remove Pre Cleanse. (Read the Pro Remove Pre Cleanse review).

Heaven Skincare

“Be healthy, happy and your skin will radiate beauty”

heaven skincare

Heaven Skincare is an organic skincare brand created by Deborah Mitchell. It is famous for its bee venom mask, the secret to a younger looking skin. Heaven Skincare products are made of natural ingredients. Instead of oil, they add more moisture  in their products.

Heaven skincare helps skin condition such as acne, oily, eczema and psoriasis. This brand is used by many celebrities and was acclaimed with a lot of awards.

As my skin is really sensitive, the Heaven team suggested me to try Heaven Chamomile Desensitising Hydrogel. This product contains essential oils (chamomile and rose) and it can be used after cleansing or as primer before foundation. It is really good to normalise and desensitise your skin. It also helps reduce irritation within acne and acne rosacea.

I am using it as a toner and it is a great product! It hydrates my sensitive skin and it helps  reduce redness. It also works against fine lines.

I have just started to use it. I will keep you updated about my skin progress but I can already say that Heaven skincare is a really interesting brand and I will definitely love  trying more of their products.

Supernatural Beauty

“Supernatural Beauty was founded to bring Effective, Luxury, Organics with truth and transparency at our core. Using only natural ingredients for supernatural results”.

supernatural beauty

Another interesting brand that I discovered, at the party, was Supernatural Beauty. It is a new brand, launched in August 2015, that uses, only natural and organic ingredients. I try some of the products, at the events, and I really loved them.

Tyron and Jenny are the founders behind Supernatural Beauty. Looking at their website, they invite to reflect about the unsafe ingredients that are used in some skincare products. Using the wrong beauty products can have bad effects on our health. For this reason it is really important to be careful about what we use on our bodies.

Supernatural Beauty products are formulated to reach every layer of the skin and to help regenerate healthy skin cells from within.



Natural products are great for your skincare routine but your hair also needs great products. Naturigin offers permanent natural based hair colours with natural extracts. Their formula protects and adds shine to the hair. It also nourishes the hair and scalp.

natural beauty

Naturigin hair colours are 100% ammonia-free, parabens free and they contain some special extracts and natural oils. Naturigin also offers natural hair wash and conditioner.

In the next weeks I will try Naturigin and I will dedicate, to this brand, a separate review to share  my experience with you.

Healthy food brands

A good skin comes also from what you eat. A good diet, rich of vegetables and fruit helps to achieve a better skin. There are some ingredients, in particular, that are great for your health and your skin. I have started developing, in the last years, different intolerances to some food, such as dairy and gluten, and I have noticed that my skin improved a lot once I took out of my diet the nourishments that were causing problems.


Finding products without gluten or lactose is not easy! Even if, in the last years, a lot of new brands are offering solutions. I was really happy to discover, during the bloggers party, some of these brands, that I can add to my diet. Here are all the brands I discovered:

Raw Gorilla


Raw Gorilla offers grain-free cereals and snacks. The brand was founded by Fraser Gregory in 2015. The cereals are gluten free and vegan. I have tried them and they taste good. I will surely add them to my breakfast!

Pura Vida Foods


Pura Vida Foods makes a great gluten-free and low-fat bread. Their juices also taste good. I am trying their raw chia bread.



Pudology offers diary and gluten free desserts and yoghurts for people who can’t eat dairy products. Theirs are also free from eggs, nuts, gluten and wheat.



PopKakery brings new delicious ideas to the confectionary industry. They bake gluten free cake pops, brownies, marshmallows and cookies. The great thing about this brand is that you can personalise the products. PopKakery is perfect, to create something unique, for an event or a wedding.

Ross and Ross Food

ross and ross food

Ross and Ross Food offers handmade British food. Great for gifts, events and weddings!


coconut milk yoghurt

CO YO is the award winning coconut milk yoghurt, free of dairy, soya, gluten, nut and lactose. It tastes great and, as you know, coconut is really good for your diet.


crobar energy bar

Crobar is the “revolutionary energy bar made with protein-rich cricket flour”.


Bluebirdtea matcha


cranes drink



Other great brands at the bloggers party were: Coconuts with their organic dairy-free nice creams, miracle tree, cocktail mania (I loved their colourful cocktails that tasted great!) and The Coconut Collaborative.

cocktail mania

It was also great to discover The Hawaiian Fish Company that introduced me (and the other bloggers) to the world of Poké! “Poke” is a Hawaiian word and  means “sliced or diced”. It refers to the preparation of the fish. I recommend you to visit their website because their food is delicious! 

the hawaiian fish company london

the coconut collaborative


pura vida raw bakery

dairy free yoghurt

nut free snacks

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