Why Rose Gold Earrings are a great choice

rose gold earrings

Why Rose Gold Earrings are a great choice

OneByOne Jewellery

If you are thinking about refreshing your jewellery collection with a new piece or if you are looking for a special present, you should definitely consider an elegant rose gold jewellery design from OneByOne Jewellery.

In fact, this brand offers really stylish jewellery pieces that combine great design and quality. The collections also come with a convenient price and are really accessible. Furthermore, in OneByOne website, you can choose from a great selection of styles available in sterling silver, gold or rose gold.

Rose gold is a good choice for so many reasons. Actually, if you are buying a present you can be sure to choose a style that matches all skin tones.

At the moment, rose gold is also a trendy choice. So, if you are looking for that piece to upload your jewellery collection, I recommend you a pair of rose gold earrings. In fact, earrings are really in fashion. But investing in that jewellery piece also means to buy a timeless piece, that you will use all over again.

rose gold chandelier earrings

My experience with OneByOne Jewellery

OneByOne Spring – Summer 2016 Jewellery collection is beautiful. The pieces are all very elegant, minimal and special at the same time. The brand comes from a familiar tradition and you can notice that they have a great knowledge of the sector. Their attention to details is impeccable. As a client, they can make you feel very special. In fact, receiving their parcel was a great experience.

how to wear rose gold jewellery

Rose Gold Earrings

I have chosen a lovely pair of rose gold earrings. These chandelier earrings are in sterling silver with overlay in rose gold vermeil and cubic zirconia.

chandelier earrings

They arrived in well-protected packaging. When I opened the box, there was a OneByOne bag inside with the gift boxes perfectly organised.

onebyone jewellery parcel

How to wear your rose gold jewellery

I really liked the OneByOne earrings and I have already planned to use them a lot! They are light-weight and I love the way they catch the light! Furthermore, they are nickel free that it is very important for me that I am allergic to nickel.

onebyone rose gold earrings

These earrings are really elegant, feminine and sophisticated. But there are also versatile, as all the rose gold jewellery collection. In fact, you can wear them in so many different ways, from classic to trendy looks. And with the invitations, for the wedding season that is coming, there will be a perfect match to your dresses. They also suit long and short hair.

I also love rose jewellery pieces because they have a retro style that perfectly suits mine! So, you have a lot of good reasons to put a new pair of earrings on your shopping list!

onebyone jewellery bag

onebyone jewellery packaging

jewellery trends spring summer 2016

onebyone jewellery spring summer 2016

onebyone jewellery gift box

rose gold jewellery

sterling silver earrings with overlay in rose gold vermeil and cubic zirconia

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