How To Create Your Signature Scent in London

create your signature scent

How to create your signature scent with The Perfume Studio

A few weeks ago, I was invited by The Perfume Studio and Buyagift to their “How to create your signature scent” blogger event. When I received the invitation, It seemed something unique, and I was very excited to have the possibility to participate in this experience.

The Perfume Studio specialises in helping people create their bespoke fragrance that reflects their personality. This unique brand hosts several workshops that you can book on their website where you can design your perfume.

create your fragrance workshop

Design your unique fragrance workshop and Afternoon Tea

I attended one of their workshops organised in collaboration with Buyagift for a group of bloggers. It took place at the Kensington Hilton Hotel where we were also invited to an afternoon tea after the event.

Design your own unique fragrance workshop

The workshop lasted a couple of hours; we listened to an introduction about the perfume studio and the process to follow to create your signature scent. Helen, the perfumer, has explained us about the top, middle and base notes that are part of any perfume. We sampled every single note, and the perfume stylist gave us information about them.

create your signature scent london event

I learnt that the top notes don’t last long but make the first impression. It is the reason why sometimes the perfume smells different during the day. The high street fragrances are usually composed of these top notes, and this is why they do not last long. The middle notes set the tone and are the essential part of the fragrance. Finally, the base notes last for a long time and are the “body of the fragrance”.

the perfume studio create your fragrance workshop

Creating my bespoke “Dorafashionspace” fragrance

The perfumer guided us to create our unique fragrance that was gifted to every blogger in a 20ml purse spray and a beautiful gift box. Each one of us also received an e-certificate of authenticity to show that the perfume is registered under the chosen name.

the perfume studio create your fragrance workshop london

I have decided to name the fragrance after my blog name, Dorafashionspace and, of course, I chose the pink purse spray!bespoke dorafashionspace perfume

I loved the fact that I could create a unique scent and that I can order it again and again as it is registered on my blog name! The purse spray is also ideal to keep in the bag and bring everywhere.

the perfume studio create your fragrance workshop review

I usually love floral notes, but I was surprised by the fact they weren’t my first choice during the workshop! I loved the amber and gourmand bases for the bergamot infused with spices and warm tone. I could smell the warm florals in the gourmand base but also the woods ones. For the middle notes, I went with the fresh florals and the neroli one. Neroli is a “fresh floral citrus harmony of neroli, lemon and mandarin with a delicate green tea undertone”. There are also notes of cardamon and rosemary with lavender that add depth to the perfume. Finally, for the top notes, I loved the green and fruity ones.

Creating my bespoke Dorafashionspace fragrance

Create Your Signature Scent workshop and afternoon tea review: my experience.

After the Create Your Signature Scent workshop we had an afternoon tea at the Hilton Hotel near Westfield London. I asked for a vegan and gluten-free option, and I have to say that it wasn’t the best! If you go for a classic afternoon tea, there was a lot of choice of warm fresh scones, finger sandwiches and pastries but the vegan and gluten-free option wasn’t a great one. I was given some sandwiches with vegetables, some fruit and orange juice! If you don’t order a classic afternoon tea, I wouldn’t advise it.

Kensington Hilton Hotel afternoon tea review

On the opposite, if you are interested in creating your signature scent, I would definitely recommend the “Design your unique fragrance workshop” to anyone. It is a great Christmas present but not just for Christmas, it is a fantastic gift idea for every occasion, and it is also an experience to book for yourself or with a friend to spend a lovely afternoon together.

the perfume studio bespoke fragranceFurthermore, on the perfume studio website, they offer various packages and products so you can find a gift for everyone, any time of the year.

the perfume studio create your fragrance workshop blogger event

With Ana @faded_spring

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