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eloquence beauty

Eloquence Beauty

Eloquence Beauty: new luxury premium skincare brand

“The Eloquence skin care range contains no artificial perfume or colour and no harsh chemicals, which means it is suitable for all skin types, even dry and sensitive skin areas.”

Eloquence Beauty is a new luxury skincare brand that creates the best products, using the finest ingredients. The brand is specialised in anti-ageing, skin hydration and skin health. What makes this brand different is the use of Sacha Inchi Oil, known for containing high level of antioxidants and vitamins.

Eloquence Beauty products also contains Hyaluronic Acid that is great as anti ageing.

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Sacha Inchi Oil Benefits

The Sacha Inchi oil is one of the best among all the Argan oils. It contains Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega, proteins, antioxidants and vitamin A and E (so it is a great antioxidant!).

It can be used for the skin, hair and nails. It is good to restore moisture balance but it is also used to relieve itchy and helps irritated skin.

Considering all the great properties of this oil, you can understand why Eloquence Beauty products are so good. You can have the benefits of this natural plant using this luxury premium skincare brand.

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Eloquence Beauty Skincare Review

Two months ago, I received these amazing Eloquence Beauty products so I have had time to try all the range and seeing the effects.

The Eloquence Beauty collection includes the Purifying Facial Cleanser, the Firm and Tone Serum, the Firming and Moisturising Eye Gel, the Protect and Repair 24 hour Cream and the Nourishing Treatment Oil. So you have all your steps, of your beauty routine, ready for you!

I have tried the first four steps and here is my experience:

Purifying Facial Cleanser

purifying facial cleanser

The Purifying Facial Cleanser contains Sacha Inchi Oil, cucumber and coconut extracts. It is the first step of your beauty routine, very easy to use. It is fresh and, after using it, my skin felt really soft. It also helps cleaning the pores without making the skin feel tight after the cleansing.

Firm and Tone Serum

firm and tone serum

The Firm and Tone Serum is the second step of Eloquence Beauty range. It is good as anti – wrinkle moisturiser as it contains Hyaluronic acid, that  gives your skin a boost of Collagen, making it feel younger. After  this second step I could feel my skin so smooth!

Firming and Moisturising Eye Gel

firming and moisturising eye gel

The Firming and Moisturising Eye Gel is my favourite Eloquence Beauty product! It removes dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. It is not easy to find a good eye gel but this one is definitely a great one!

Protect and Repair 24 hour Cream

protect and repair 24 hour cream

The Protect and Repair 24 hour Cream is the last step of your beauty routine. This cream can be used during the day and at night. It hydrates the skin and it also protects from UVA and UVB rays. It is an anti – wrinkle intensive moisturiser.

Eloquence Beauty products

All the Eloquence Beauty products contain no artificial perfumes and no harsh chemicals. This makes them suitable for all skin types.

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I noticed that these products were gentle on my sensitive skin. After using Eloquence Beauty range I also saw that my skin was really smooth, soft and fresh.

eloquence beauty skincare review

The products absorb quite quickly and it was a very easy routine to follow. So, if you want a good anti ageing product range, easy and fast to use at the same time Eloquence Beauty is a very good solution.

These products really illuminate the skin, giving a flawless and a younger looking appearance!

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Disclaimer: This item was sent to me in return for an honest and unbiased opinion.

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