ARK Skincare

ARK skincare

ARK Skincare

At The Bloggers Hangout London Fashion Week party I received the new Pro Remove Pre Cleanse product to try. It is an iconic cleansing oil relaunched, by ARK Skincare, with a new packaging and a new name.

Ark is a British brand that treats skin by age. This brand uses natural ingredients and it is known that it  achieves effective results. ARK skincare was also voted “Best Day Moisturiser” at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2015.

The judges acclaimed the brand declaring “ARK skincare’s regenerating skin defence is like a cashmere blanket for the face”.

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Pro Remove Pre Cleanse Review

The new Pro Remove Pre Cleanse packaging is essential and elegant. The product is made in Britain with natural ingredients and was originally used in the ARK London Spa to remove all make-up before facial treatments. All the ARK Skincare products are luxury treatments that are used in the spa and they are really good for sensitive skin.

The Pro Remove Pre Cleanse gives the skin a double cleanse. This is good because oil based products (such as long-lasting make-up and sunscreen) need to be removed with oil as they create a barrier on the skin, that can’t be removed effectively with water-based cleanser. Using the Pro Remove Pre Cleanse, onto dry skin, helps preparing your skin for a deeper cleansing and removes every trace of excess sebum, make – up and waterproof mascara. It also nourishes skin and soothes sensitive skin.

Some of the botanical ingredients are Grape seeds, avocado and kiwi oil, Zi Cao (and Ayurvedic herb good to calm sensitive skin) and Margosa Leaf Extract (that destroys bacteria and inhibits its growth on the skin).

pro remove pre cleanse

How to use the Pro Remove Pre Cleanse

To use the Pro Remove Pre Cleanse, apply to dry skin before cleansing. Massage gently all over the face, then add water. Continue massaging and then rinse off with warm water. Go on with your cleanser routine.

Few days ago, I have started using this product that it was really helpful to clean my skin after all the London fashion week events, as in those days I attended a lot of events and I used more make up than usual. My skin felt very well and I am really glad I have found a product that works well on my sensitive skin!

ARK skincare SPF30 primer

ARK Skincare SPF30 Primer

At The Bloggers Hangout London Fashion Week, the lovely ARK Skincare team gave me a sample of their primer. It is a multifunctional product that protects, primes, hydrated and illuminates. The ARK Skincare SPF30 Primer helps prevent sun damage and premature ageing. It is suitable for all skins and it can be applied over moisturiser, as a base for your make-up. It gives a luminous finish and lasts all day.

The ARK Skincare SPF30 Primer contains innovative ingredients, such as Pomegranate Seed Oil (to boost restoration and repair the skin), Aquaxyl (hydrated skin and protects against moisture loss), Vitamin E (antioxidant and anti – inflammatory) and Shea Butter (gives Ultraviolet ray protection).

For more information about ARK Skincare and all the benefits of their products, visit their website. I will keep you updated with my experience using ARK Skincare products on my instagram profile (dorafashionspace).

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