Street Style Photography Tips

street style photography tips

Street Style Photography Tips

How to shoot street style

Street style photography has been really popular, in the last years, thanks to social media, the rise of fashion bloggers and street style photographers. Street style photography has become a great source of inspiration for outfit ideas. Fashionistas and celebrities, all over the world, inspire us with great looks that can lead to new fashion trends. If you are thinking of opening a blog or shooting street style, for your fashion website, you need a few street style photography tips to start.

The camera

Street style blogs are great but it is not easy to stand out. If you are thinking of shooting street style, first of all you need a great camera. The lumix compact camera series offers different cameras you can choose from. Thanks to their new and unique 4K photo function, available on selected Lumix cameras, you can shoot amazing high quality photos.

Furthermore, people are more willing to stop when you approach them, to have a picture taken, if you have a good camera with you.


Street Style Photography Tips

Street style photography is not an easy job. Once you have chosen your camera, here are some street style photography tips to start, if you are a beginner:

– Find the right time to shoot street style, consider the weather, the light and the fact that you may need to spend all day standing (comfortable shoes are a must!).

Choose a great location. This can depend on the kind of fashion style you are looking for. Every area is famous for having a determined style so if you look for an alternative, classic or trendy, choose the location where you can find the people that dress according to that style. When you choose the background to shoot, be careful to avoid any road sign or element that can disturb your image.


Choose a trend or a theme you want to shoot in order to create a great style report. This can depend on your blog style. Remember to be creative, too.

– During fashion weeks, photographers don’t always ask people the permission to take a picture of them, because the fashion crowd, that attend fashion week shows, know this can happen but, if you are taken street style photos outside fashion events, it is better to ask people their permission, before taking any pictures of them, in order to avoid legal problems.


Give people your business card, so you can promote your blog and they will know where their photos are going to be published.

Go to fashion events, network with people so you can find good styles to shoot but you also promote your blog.


– It is important to find your spot, create something different from the rest of the street-style blogs that are already around.

– A good photography course can help even if, a lot of great photographers have learnt by themselves and/or from other photographers, without doing any photography course! The most important thing is that you need to have a good eye and practise a lot.


– At the end, of your street style photo sessions, you will probably have a lot of pictures. It is important to choose, among all your images, the ones that can fit best in your blog.

Be professional and confident and what is really important is to enjoy what you are doing!


If you have some other street style photography tips to start, if you are a beginner, share them in the comments!


Disclaimer: This is a collaborated post. The opinion expressed here are entirely my own.

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