Pauline Wong Jewellery Collection

pauline wong jewellery

Pauline Wong Couture Jewellery Collection

Pauline Wong Jewellery

Accessories are a very important part of every outfit. They are to fashion what the punctuation marks are to grammar. They can change the way a dress looks, and they can help dressing up and down every outfit.

In particular, a statement jewellery can really make a difference to any look. So, it is important to choose a piece that is special and speaks for you. I felt that way when I discovered Pauline Wong Jewellery collection.

In fact, when I first saw Pauline Wong jade pendants I immediately loved them. They are unique, elegant and timeless. They are classic but modern at the same time, and they are great statement pieces.

jade pendants

Taking her inspiration from her Chinese heritage, Pauline Wong created a collection of chameleon necklaces with pearls, precious and semi – precious stones.  In her collection, there is also a sterling silver line, which you can match with the same pendant of the chameleon necklaces.

pauline wong glaziers art fair

Bespoke Jewellery

The chameleon necklaces are also available to be personalised. In fact, you can choose the colour, the length and the style that you prefer.   

pauline wong jewellery collection

The necklaces can be worn in different ways. You can interchange the pendants or worn them on their own. In that way, you will have a piece that gives you the possibility to wear it in multiple ways, and that suits every outfit, from a “black tie” event to an informal one. 

pauline wong couture jewellery

You can have an example taking a look at her signature piece, that is called the “Thinking woman’s” creation, that is versatile and beautiful.

chameleon necklace

Glaziers’ Art Fair

You can find Pauline Wong jewellery collection on the 25th and 26th of October at the Glaziers’ Art Fair, in London.

The Glaziers’ Art Fair showcases over fifty exhibitors, and it is a great place to visit to find glass art and other selected designer works. The location also has a great panoramic view of the City of London. You can find the tickets for the fair on the Glaziers’ Art Fair website.

You can also find Pauline Wong jewellery collection on her website where you can read more information about her couture jewellery line and consult the prices of her pieces.

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