How to wear: Red and Camel

red and camel

How to match red with other colours

One sure thing about this season trends is red. The colour dominated the catwalks, and it is worn by celebrities and style icons all around the world.

There are so many ways to style the red colour and all its shades. In my latest post, I showed you how to wear red and pink, but you can also match this colour in many other ways.

I am sure you have seen your favourite blogger or celebrity wearing red head-to-toe. That’s an interesting outfit choice; you can choose a red suit or a dress. But one of my favourite colour combination, after red and pink, is red and camel.   

autumn 2017 trends red blouse

How to wear red and camel (with leopard print accessories!)

As I have already written in other posts, I am so glad that this season is all about bright colours and “unusual” colour combinations. However, if you want to go for something safer than matching red and burgundy, choose red and camel.

Camel is such an elegant colour. A camel coat can elevate any look. If you add a touch of red and some print in the accessories, you have a perfect look!

How to style red with camel

In today’s post, I will show you how I styled red and camel with some leopard print accessories. I integrated into the look some new purchases, such as the Zara coat with some of my wardrobe staples, like the camel leather skirt that you already saw in my post about the Elvi oversized coat.

red blouse and camel leather skirt

I matched the coat and the skirt with a floral blouse and my leopard print boots and bag. The outfit was inspired by the autumn colour palette.

leopard print bag with camel coat

You can recreate the same look for winter with a red jumper, a camel skirt and a coat. Furthermore, when you combine camel and red, you can play with the various shades of these colours.

zara camel coat

As you can see, it is very easy to create the perfect outfit in few steps!

how to wear red with leopard print

Zara coat/Dorothy Perkins Skirt/Primark Shirt/New Look Boots and Bag

autumn look in Kyoto gardens

Location: These photos have been taken at the Kyoto Gardens, a great location in the heart of Holland Park and just a few minutes away from Notting Hill. I really recommend you to visit it! 

red floral blouse with camel coat

Styling: @doramarottastylist

Photo credit: @ya.photographs

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