Datacolor workshop with Holly McGlynn


Fashion Photography and datacolor workshop with Holly McGlynn

Last month I had the pleasure to attend the Datacolor workshop with Holly McGlynn, a great fashion photographer that has worked with the best magazines and brands, such as Cosmopolitan and Louis Vuitton, and shoots editorial for publications and big brands. I like Holly’s work a lot. In fact, her style is very bright and colourful, the same style I love working as a fashion stylist.
To start the workshop, we met at Albion in Shoreditch, a lovely café to have a casual breakfast before exploring the area. Furthermore, before the datacolor workshop, Holly introduced us to the world of fashion photography, giving us some knowledge about her field and some tips on how to shoot great photos. She said the creativity is essential. In fact, you can learn the technical skills, but photography is more about ideas, about creating a story and having a concept behind a shoot.
She also encouraged us to take photos of the group and to be inspired during our walk. With that in mind, we started walking around Shoreditch looking for the best ideas and images to capture.

You have seen my street art photo walk in Brick Lane, but this one was an occasion to look at the area from a different perspective.


How to edit your photos with Luminar 2018

After the photo walk, we went to Huckletree Shoreditch, a workspace for freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups located near Liverpool Street.
In the second part of the datacolor workshop, we have learned how to edit photos.
The editing process is fundamental. It was great having the possibility to see how a professional fashion photographer, like Holly, uses the photo editing programme to perfect her shoots.

I have various editing photo apps on my laptop and my phone. In this occasion, I have received the new Luminar 2018 that I have used to edit the photos of the datacolor workshop that you can see in this post.
Luminar is an excellent alternative to Photoshop. It is easier to use, and it offers everything you need for photo editing. It has over 100 presets, intelligent filters, and some advanced tools like layers, masking, lens correction, and much more.
You can check the Macphun website to read more information about Luminar 2018 and have a look at the before/after results. This photo editing software is available for Mac and Windows.
In the app, there are also a lot of tutorials to help learn how to use the software in the best way.
I am still learning it but I am pleased with the results, and I can say that Luminar has become a photo software that I am using more and more for my photo editing.


Datacolor Spyder5Express

Furthermore, at the datacolor workshop, we received a Datacolor Spyder5Express, a great solution to calibrate the computer screen. It is very easy to use, and the difference is unbelievable.
The calibration of the screen is essential; In particular, if you send your photo to print or work as a designer or as a photographer, it is a must-have device. You can see the video below how it works:

The datacolor workshop was an excellent experience to learn more about photography that, as you know, is one of my passions and Holly was very friendly and nice, always available to help us with any doubts and questions we had.

Scroll to see the photos I took at the datacolor workshop and check out my Photography section to see more photo walks posts.


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