Yours Clothing, because fashion is for everyone!

Fashion is the best form of communication that let us express who we are.

I have always believed that fashion is the best form of communication that gives us the possibility to show who we are and how we feel. Fashion is not just about clothes; it is about expressing yourself to the world.

It is a form of art that everyone is free to adapt to her/his style and taste. And for sure, fashion is not a size. However, there are so many brands that offer a limited range of sizes cutting off the chance for so many women (and men) to wear their clothes.

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I have been working as a personal shopper for five years, and I had the opportunity to style women and men of any kind of shapes and sizes. In particular, I worked a lot with “plus size” women, in more than one country, and they all shared the same frustration about the difficulty to find beautiful clothes in all the sizes. Even if shopping is fantastic, it can be an overwhelming task as the shops sell only up to size 16! This is a struggle that I also share, being plus size myself. I have changed a few sizes in my life, but my body is always a curvy one. In fact, it is not just about the size; it is also about the body shapes.

In these years, talking to other women, I have just realised how much time we spend to try to achieve body shapes imposed by some crazy beauty standard that it is impossible to follow. Instead, we should try to learn to embrace who we are and how beautiful everyone is on her skin.

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This is the message I want to pass on my blog and my work as a fashion blogger, a personal shopper and a fashion stylist.

As a stylist, I advise people how to wear their clothes to improve their image with the best colours for their skin tone and the best clothes for their body shape. But, the first thing I always say it is that is important to be comfortable in what you wear. Surely, there are clothes that fit best than others, but there is also the style.

Fashion is not about strict rules; it is about enjoying your clothes and playing with the trends. The style is about finding your identity and make yours what you are wearing.


Thankfully, things are changing in the fashion industry. I remember my emotion and joy when I first had in my hands the Vogue Italia June 2011 issue “Belle Vere” that put on the cover Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine and Robyn Lawley portrayed by Steven Meisel.

Vogue Italia Belle Vere

At that moment, I started feeling that something was finally changing and there was a place for diversity in the fashion world.

From 2011 a lot of things have changed. Body positive campaigns have emerged on social media and plus – size models have taken an important place in the industry. In fact, British Vogue has chosen Ashley Graham on her January 2017 cover.

ashley graham january 2017 british vogue cover


As they wrote: ”What makes a Vogue cover girl? Good looks, inimitable style, and someone who feels relevant, right now. This month, Ashley Graham fits the bill” (cit. British Vogue).

Plus size brands are also a big part of this change. When I first moved to London, I was impressed by the offer in the UK market.

Yours Clothing, because fashion is for everyone!

Yours Clothing was one of the first plus size brands that I discovered and it changed my shopping experience. If you are not familiar with the name, Yours Clothing sells online worldwide and has over 70 stores across the UK, and they also have stores in the Middle East. They started their business because they understood the need for beautiful plus size clothing in the market.

I really like Yours Clothing because their designs flatter the curves and make you feel fabulous! On their website, there is also a great balance of various types of brands and styles to suit not just everyone tastes and styles but also multiple occasions you may need the outfit for. Furthermore, they have found the perfect balance between quality and prices, because fashion has to be for everyone!

Yours clothing is contributing on empowering the concept of body positivity, and they are giving the opportunity to many women to enjoy their shopping and not feeling left out. Yours Clothing is how every fashion brand should be: fabulous, inclusive, trendy and for the people.

Yours clothing is inspiring, and today I will share with you, my favourite items and trends to help your transition from winter to spring in style!

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yours clothing pink trend

yours clothing floral trend

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yours clothing metallic trend

yours clothing stripe shirt

yours clothing spring summer 2016 collection

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  1. Asterienne
    January 30, 2017 at 9:41 am (2 years ago)

    Amen to that. Size is just a number – what’s important is how you treat your appearance.


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