Tom Ford Beauty Store And British Vogue Event

Tom Ford X British Vogue Event at the new Tom Ford Beauty Store in Covent Garden

Tom Ford Beauty Store

Tom Ford launched his first ever standalone beauty store

Tom Ford has launched his first ever standalone beauty store in the world, and he has chosen London, more specifically Covent Garden as the location!

I attended the event organised by British Vogue & Tom Ford Beauty Store on the 23rd of November, the day the store was opened. In that occasion, I also had the opportunity to see and try the “Eyes of Tom Ford collection” before it was launched on the market.


Tom Ford Beauty Store

At the new Tom Ford beauty store, you can have the best luxury beauty shopping experience ever!

If you are a makeup lover and a beauty addict you must visit it. It’s a unique space with a superb customer service and the possibility to receive beauty advice from the best make-up artists.

The interior design of the store is perfect, from the marble counters to the layered grey glasses without excluding all the mirrors! But it is not just the design that makes the space unique. In fact, the Tom Ford beauty store brings innovations as it integrates the digital technology inside the area. Thanks to this you can virtually try on various lipstick shades using the iPads and the augmented reality technology.


The beauty store is divided into various areas: there is a dedicated colour room, a fragrance room and make-up room. And if you want to customise your fragrance there is a personal scent laboratory.


Furthermore, in the fragrance room, you can interact with the products. If you touch the fragrances, you can hear the story behind them and the key ingredients that make the perfumes so unique.


You can also book a personalised makeup consultation that you can record, thanks to a magic mirror, to remember all the beauty advice you have received.

On the lower level, the store offers a VIP event space, a private make-up room for masterclasses and bridal services, and a grooming room. In these areas, you can receive your private makeup consultation that can be recorded and sent to you.

The Grooming Room is the space to try the Tom Ford for Men skincare, the grooming collection and receiving an express facial, a beard trim and more exclusive beauty services. You can book the Tom Ford Beauty services on the brand website.


Tom Ford x British Vogue Event

As mentioned above, I attended the Tom Ford x British Vogue Event on the day the Tom Ford Beauty Store was opened.

At the exclusive event, Vogue’s Lauren Murdoch-Smith and Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey talked about Tom Ford’s incredible beauty store and beauty collection.

I could also listen to the Tom Ford incredible team that introduced the new Eyes of Tom Ford collection and explained why they decided to open in London their first ever standalone beauty store. The reason is that Tom Ford is a leader, he doesn’t follow, he leads. Same as London. London is a city that decides and creates its own beauty and fashion rules.

At the event, I could try the new Eyes of Tom Ford collection and receive a personalised makeup consultation in the private makeup room. You can see in the video above my makeup look wearing the new Private shadows and eye kohl intense.

It was a fantastic experience! I am delighted that London has welcomed this amazing and innovative beauty store and I recommend you to visit it the next time you are in Covent Garden.

Furthermore, at the event, I received two amazing goody bags, and the Tom Ford products are already in my makeup essentials bag!


 Eyes of Tom Ford collection

The new Eyes of Tom Ford collection contains high pigmented eyeshadows in five finished (Sateen, Vinyl, Paillette, Suede, Ultra Suede) and thirty shades. The private shadows are long wearing, and all the colours are fantastic. The Tom Ford Private Shadows come in a luxurious mirror compact clutch-sized packaging. The range also includes three mascaras, an eye gloss and an eye kohl Intense.

The collection was created to help women express themselves. The colours and the selection of products are huge so that everyone can create its beauty look.

I was also very pleased that the collection had a “white smoke” eye kohl Intense. It is a great product, and I have been looking for a good one for years!


I also loved all the eyeshadow colours, in particular, the Private Shadow Ombre Secrète in Emerald Sun (06) and Breathless (02).


The last one is great to give some sparkle to my natural makeup look that I usually wear every day while the “Emerald Sun” in the paillette finish, with its glittering pearl finish, is perfect for a night out make up look!


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