Pixie Lott festival t-shirt

pixie lott festival t-shirt

Pixie Rocks Collection and Summer Drinks Preview at the Hard Rock Cafe in London

Last week I was invited to the launch of the Pixie Rock Collection at the Hard Rock Cafe in London. In fact, the exclusive Pixie Lott festival t-shirt is back with a new style, colour and cut to make your festival outfit cooler!

At the event, I could also try the new summer cocktails that come in a beautiful jar. They are exquisite and stylish at the same time.


After having seen the collection, while tasting a delicious cocktail, there was also a little fashion show.


The t-shirts have a good fit. They are a festival essential, and a summer wardrobe must have.

pixie lott hard rock cafe

Pixie Lott festival t-shirt  #PixieRocks

“I feel incredibly happy that my very own Hard Rock design has proved such a hit and hope that everyone likes this year’s t-shirts as much as I do (Pixie Lott)”.

The Pixie collection is inspired by Pixie’s style and by the UK summer music scene. Last years, the t-shirt had a floral design. This year, due to its incredible success, the Pixie Lott festival t-shirt is back, and it is available in a white vest style with cut-off sleeves.

pixie lott white vest

It will also be available in a baby pink colour and a classic style tee, exclusively in London.

pixie lott pink t-shirt

I like the t-shirts, in both versions. In particular, I appreciate the silver and gold flower details and the metallic finish.

The t-shirts are available at the Hard Rock Shop in London.

hard rock london press event

The Vault

I particularly enjoyed the event, and I also had the possibility to have a tour of “The Vault”, the Hard Rock Cafe unique rock and roll museum.

hard rock london the vault

The Vault is in the basement of the Hard Rock Cafe shop, and free guided tours are available.

The room was a bank vault that belongs to the Queen, and apparently, Princess Diana tried her wedding dress there!

Jimi Hendrix guitar the vault

The Vault hosts some incredible pieces, such as Jimi Hendrix guitar, John Lennon hand-corrected lyrics and Madonna bustier from the Blonde Ambition Tour.

Madonna bustier blonde ambition tour

I recommend you to visit it!

John Lennon jacket the vault

hard rock cafe london

hard rock cafe londra

hard rock cafe london shop

hard rock black label

the back room hard rock cafe

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