Maplin Photo Walk in Covent Garden

Photo Walk in Covent Garden

Maplin Photo Walk Event

London is full of amazing places to photograph. Even if I have been living here for more than three years, there is always something new to discover.

If you follow my Instagram (dorafashionspace), you know how much I love walking for London and photograph the city. Ì like the touristic spots as much as the opposite ones. I also love doing Photography Workshop like the Camden Town Photo Walk that I shared with you in the London section of this blog.

Sometimes, I like going back to the same places because there is always a corner or something that I could have missed the first time. I also love photography a lot and, thanks to the blog, I have had the opportunity to learn more about it. So, when I was invited to the Maplin Photo Walk in Covent Garden, I loved the idea.

covent garden photography workshop

Maplin Photo Walk in Covent Garden and Chinatown

I met with a small group of other bloggers and the talented photographer Kaye of Fordtography that guided us through Covent Garden and Chinatown giving us some tips on how to take great shots even in crowded places.

One advice she gave us was to “use people as frame” for the photos. It is tough to avoid having people in your pictures in London, so why don’t use them to improve your images?

Another tip is to photograph a person who is taking the photo, creating a “photo in a photo” effect.

photography workshop London

After Covent Garden, we went to Neal’s Yard, a place when I go often, and I love for its colours. There are also a lot of nice restaurants and shops in the area that are worth a visit!

Neals yard london

Finally, we walked through Chinatown, that it is a place not to miss for its vibrant colours and its atmosphere.

visiting chinatown london

The tour lasted only 37 minutes. I usually take a lot more time to walk around taking pictures. So these photos are the results of this quick Photo Walk. But I realised that It’s good to learn to be faster. Sometimes I am too much of a perfectionist!

soap bubbles in london

Afternoon Tea at the Brigit’s Bakery

After the Maplin Photo Walk in Covent Garden, we went to have an Afternoon Tea at the Brigit’s Bakery. The place is beautiful and fashionable! They also have a Bus Tea where you can have an afternoon tea while visiting London by bus!

afternoon tea covent garden

The afternoon tea was excellent, and the staff was friendly and helpful. In fact, I asked for a gluten free and a dairy free option, and they were ready to accommodate allergies and food intolerance problems offering alternatives suitable for everyone.

Brigits Bakery afternoon tea

Maplin Photo Walk Experience

I had a great day, and I took a lot of pictures. As a blogger and a photography enthusiast, I always take a lot of photos. Storage can be a problem. I always prefer doing one or two backups because you never know what can happen and I don’t want to risk losing all my pictures. If you have the same problem, Maplin offers a lot of solutions for data storage as you can check on their website.

Brigits Bakery

I would like to thank you Maplin for the invitation to the Photo Walk in Covent Garden and to the Afternoon Tea and Kaye of Fordtography for the useful tips on how to take better pictures.

how to take better pictures

Scroll this post to check a selection of photos I took during the Maplin Photo Walk in Covent Garden and Chinatown. You can also find the event’s pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #maplinphotowalk

benefit popup event london

ice cream van london

boiing concealer benefit

photo of bubbles

chinatown london

London Photo Walk

chinatown london market

cecil court london

cecil court bookshop

wild food cafe

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