London Bloggers Fashion Week

Bloggers Fashion Week

London Fashion Event: Bloggers Fashion Week

The beauty brands I discovered at the Bloggers Fashion Week that you need to know.

Last Monday I attended the fifth season of the Bloggers Fashion Week. Another great event where I discovered many interesting beauty brands.

There were great brands, two gifting lounges, sweet treats, beauty bars and a braid bar. All the ingredients to enjoy a nice Bloggers Fashion Week with other bloggers.

London blogger events

The lovely brands gave me different great products to try and review. I have started using some of them but I can’t wait to try all of them, because all the brands, that were at the events, are so unique and interesting and they are also different. Each one offers unique products made with care. All the brands were so lovely and they showed great passion for their brands. It was a really good experience.

I will show you some pictures of the event and of the brands that attended the Bloggers Fashion Week. But, in the next weeks, after I have tried with more time all the products, I will review and present to you the single beauty products. So, follow my blog and Instagram (you can find me on Instagram as @dorafashionspace) updates to know more about these great beauty brands!

BLFW 2016

IOMA Paris

IOMA Paris BLFW 2016

IOMA Paris was a great discover. I Knew the brand but it was the first time that I tried their approach. The Managing Director, Pascal, came from France to attend the event. He explained me all the details about their skincare and beauty products. Their approach is unique and their concept is that “Your skin is unique”. They offer a personalised beauty solution for you. In fact, Victoria, the UK Country Manager, did a skin assessment for me and suggested me a customized skincare program.

ioma skin assessment

They also have an app (for IPhone and Android) that helps you. Their brand is a great combination of beauty and technology.

ioma radiance creator serum

I am trying their Radiance creator serum. It is a great product to give a radiant glow to your skin. The results are prompt!

SBC Gels

SBC Gels BLFW 2016

SBC (Simply Beautiful Collection) is a British brand that offers a great ranges of natural skincare and body care. They offer a solution for all your skin care needs. I had a great chat with the two lovely ladies at the Bloggers Fashion Week event. They showed me all their products and I loved them immediately! The smell is great, the texture is really soft and I love their essential packaging and the cute colours of their products! I have started trying the products I received and I will dedicate  a separate review to them after I have used them for more time. Stay tuned!

AMIE Skincare

AMIE skincare BLFW 2016

Amie is the natural skincare brand for sensitive skin created by Fiona Parkhouse, a top beauty expert. All the products are free from harsh chemicals, gentle and designed to keep sensitive skin soft and radiant. The skincare range is created in the UK and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The packaging is lovely. I love the pastel colours! I will let you know also my experience with this brand, that received numerous beauty awards.

Bravura London

bravura london BLFW 2016

Bravura London was founded in 2003 by Amanda Elias. They offer pharmaceutical skincare products at realistic prices. They also have a free skincare advice service to recommend you the products that are suitable for your skin. They have a problem – solution approach to skincare and they offer products for sensitive skins. Bravura London is also environmental friendly.

I received the revitalising ginseng toner and the first cleanse oil samples. I love their smell. I will let you know how it will go with these two nice products!   

Kenneth Turner

Kenneth Turner BLFW 2016

Kenneth Turner has caught my attention for their stylish and perfect presentation. Their products are beautiful and their fragrances smell divine. The packaging is elegant. Their candles are nice and you will love them all because they are interesting and different. My favourite is the “Spirit”, a mix of peony and magnolia with herbs and citrus. Their soft hand lotion, with floral oils, is a beauty essential!

Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell BLFW 2016

Paul Mitchell was also at the Bloggers Fashion Week. Their hair products are really interesting and I can’t wait to try them all!

paul mitchell hair care

The key concepts, of this brand, are high-performance ingredients, innovation and commitment to be cruelty-free.


Weleda BLFW 2016

You probably already know Weleda. They produce natural cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, from medicinal plants. Their approach is “beauty through balance of body, mind and soul”. I received their famous “skin food” products to try and I will tell you more in the future about it!

The Curl Company

the curl company BLFW 2016

The Curl Company are specialised in products for curly hair. This season curls and waves are trendy and for me it is great news! Having curly hair I know how difficult is to style it. So I am really looking forward to trying these products to see if they can help me in this hard mission! 🙂 I will let you know!


monu skincare BLFW 2016

Monu professional Skincare is a natural beauty brand, made in the UK. They use pure ingredients that are the best for the skin. A MONU professional beauty therapist will guide you to the best natural treatments for your skin. The lovely ladies at the Bloggers Fashion Week gave me a sample set for sensitive skin to try. I also received their hydra lift serum, that I am really looking forward to trying it!

Annie Haak

annie haak BLFW 2016

Annie Haak showed, at the Bloggers Fashion Week, her lovely jewellery collection. I really like her personalised jewellery line.

LAB 2 Beauty

LAB 2 Beauty BLFW 2016

LAB 2 Beauty is a stylish beauty line that creates innovative and quality beauty products. They bring you luxury quality and innovation for less. You can immediately see it in their brushes. They have the highest quality synthetic filament and they are durable. Their brushes are hypoallergenic, cruelty-free and vegan.

Leighton Denny

leighton denny boutique BLFW 2016

Leighton Denny Boutique was also a really interesting brand at the Bloggers Fashion Week. I loved their fragrances and lipsticks. They also gave me advice on how to use their self tanning products.

As for the other products, this post is not enough to talk about all these great brands. So, follow my update to know more about the reviews of these great beauty products. 

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