Kryptik Rose SS15 Collection: Believe!


Our SS15 Collection isn’t just another clothing collection from ANOTHER clothing brand. We wanted it to MEAN something and to be able to resonate with those who choose to wear our clothes” (Kryptik Rose)

If you follow me, on my social media pages, you have already seen some pictures of Kryptik Rose. In fact, I had the pleasure to collaborate with them, as a stylist, in two occasions, for the shooting of their Spring Summer Collection and for the Bloggers Fashion Week Fashion Show.

Kryptik Rose is a brand that I really liked since the beginning because I feel I identify with their values. As they said “The world is full of boring clothes, Kryptik Rose is about bringing smiles”.

Her designer, “M”, designed and illustrated all the prints for her Kryptik Rose. The result is a trendy, bright and different brand, that brings the latest street fashion, from London, in their tees, hoodies and iPhone cases.

Kryptik Rose spring summer 2015 collection, “I Love Me” reminds us to believe in ourselves.


Fashion is an important form of communication and wearing this collection is a powerful way to tell the world that we believe in ourselves and we love ourselves. Kryptik Rose t-shirts and crop tops are also very trendy and they can be worn in many different ways.


I really recommend you to take a look at Kryptik Rose website to see her “I Love Me” Spring Summer 2015 collection.  The material is of good quality and these crop tops are really a must have for your summer wardrobe.


Today, I will show you my outfit with the Believe crop top. This is the first outfit I am sharing with you, in this new version of my  blog, and it couldn’t be a more appropriate look than this one, because I believe in myself, I believe in this blog project and I believe in Kryptik Rose as it is an amazing brand!










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