Ioma: the skincare treatment that is a complete game changer for your skin


Ioma: the skincare treatment that is a complete game changer for your skin

A regular beauty routine is essential for your skin. But the most important factor is using the right products. Sometimes, even when you have found some good products, you need to change them, after a while, because of your skin changes with the influence of different factors.

When I moved to London, the beauty products I had been using for years did not work anymore. In the past years, I tried many different beauty brands, some of them good other less. Anyway, I could not find the right ones until a few months ago when, during the London Bloggers Fashion Week, I discovered IOMA Paris.

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Ioma personalised skincare

Why Ioma Paris is different

Ioma is different from the other brands because they offer personalised beauty solutions for every skin. Their approach is innovative, and their technology is unique.

In fact, they do a skin assessment for every client, suggesting the customised skincare programme that every skin needs.


Discover your unique skin code

Ioma is a great combination of beauty and the latest technologies. Their skin – measuring devices use MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) that are “complex electronic components that can detect physical phenomena in a particular environment”. These elements, applied to the skin analysis devices, make their system unique on the market. They also give you an accurate diagnosis of your skin.

In fact, they can misuse the skin’s main characteristics, detect skin disorders and they can see wrinkles before they start to show! Each customer’s diagnosis is stored on their device, so it is possible to compare the results of the treatments.

ioma optimum moisture cream

Ioma Paris offers a vast range of skincare types, for every need. Analysing your skin problems, they can create your skincare regimen.

Furthermore, their customer service and their beauty experience are unique.

Ioma also has an app, where you can keep the results of your skin diagnosis!

All their products are made in France and are paraben and silicone free.

ioma paris app

My experience with IOMA Paris

I can say that Ioma is the best skincare brand I have tried so far. It changed my skin, giving its glow back!

I had my skin assessment and some great advice from Pascal, the managing director, and Victoria, the UK Country Manager. They suggest me to use the soothing cream (day and night), as my skin is really sensitive and it suffers from redness. This cream calmed my skin and helped me survive the high pollution level that is in London. I can note the difference.

I also tried the Optimum Moisture Cream (day and night) to give more hydration to my face. My skin looks soft, radiant and relieved!

ioma paris optimum moisture cream

I usually mix my moisturiser with the Vitality Shot. It is a great product to give a radiant glow to the skin.

ioma vitality shot

Hydra: Optimum Moisture Cream

optimum moisture cream

Energise: Vitality Shot

vitality shot

Calm: Soothing Cream

soothing cream

I suggest you take a look at IOMA Paris website for more information about their products and technologies and see where you can find their products.

Disclaimer: These items were sent to me in return for an honest and unbiased opinion.

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