How to become a Personal Shopper

How to become a Personal Shopper

For shopping lovers  it might be their ideal profession. Although it is not enough to be passionate about fashion and shopping, as this profession needs a lot of work, study, patience and dedication.

This job was born in the United States, at the end of the eighties, and has spread recently in Europe. At first it was a service aimed only to an elite, but now it is available to everyone and can be found even in small shops or large shopping centres.

But what is really a Personal Shopper and what does he do? The Personal Shopper is a qualified consultant who advises and guides clients on how to achieve the best purchase, in the field of fashion, but not only.

There are Personal Shoppers specialized in various fields: from how to find the right gift or the latest technological object on the market up to accompany groups of tourists to the main shops of the city, search for antiques, organize wine tours or give advice on restaurants or the coolest  spas of the moment. There are also personal shoppers specialized in consulting services for weddings. Whatever you decide to embrace the field, it is crucial to be prepared on all the news. And of course, in the case of fashion, you must always update on the latest fashion shows, trends, campaigns and know of any openings of new stores, shopping malls, etc.

Furthermore the personal shopper has always to have  an impeccable image, good taste and lots of patience; he  must be able to listen to the customer and help him to  bring out his best points through the colours, the clothes and some little tricks.

By operating in the fashion, the work of the Personal Shopper is to achieve the customer’s analysis of colour and a morphological one, through which you can understand what are the colours and the type of clothing that can enhance the image. This comes at a first meeting, in which the client fills in a questionnaire taking into account his rhythm and his lifestyle. Only then the shopping tour and, possibly,  the organization of the cabinet can take place.

Why asking for a personal shopper ‘s help? For lack of time, to achieve a good buy but especially to avoid buying clothes that can be left into the closet without using them because they really do not fit at all.

 Dora Marotta
Personal Shopper, Stylist and Fashion Editor
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  1. Dario Venuti
    March 28, 2014 at 7:34 pm (5 years ago)

    Eh si non è un lavoro semplie ma sicuramente se si ama la moda è un ottimo lavoro



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