5 Best Lip Tips to follow to achieve the perfect lipstick look 


Bourjois Rouge Edition

If I have to choose one make – up essential I can’t go without, it’s the lipstick! Even if I love the pink, coral and red shades, I am always happy to try new ones, and I like both nudes and bright colours. 

In fact, I have a lot of lipsticks in my makeup bag, from various brands. I also use a lot of drugstore lipsticks, and I have my favourite brands

One of these is Bourjois. I think their products are a great deal considering the balance between the excellent quality and the great price they offer. 


Recently, I am trying their Rouge Edition range, and these are some of my favourite colours I cannot stop wearing! I love them because they are long-lasting, perfect for spring – summer and make – up bag essential! This is why I packed them in my beauty travel bag!


5 Best Lip Tips to follow

I usually use glossy lipsticks but, even if my lips are prone to dryness, I also like wearing a matte finish. 

When I choose a matte lipstick, I have to make sure it’s the right one. For this reason, I love Bourjois Lipsticks: they are light to wear, they hydrate the lips, and they last for hours. 


But even with the best lipstick, it is always better to prepare your lips and follow some advice to make sure your lips look great. 


Here are five “Best Lip Tips” I always go after to make sure to achieve the perfect lipstick look

– Always exfoliate your lips (once or twice a week, no more than this).

Wear a lip primer.

– Use a lip liner. 

– Choose a colour that matches your skin tone. 

– Use Bourjois Rouge Edition to have lips soft as velvet! 


What are your best Lip Tips?  


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