Voga class with Sunglass Hut

shades of you

Photo Credit: Sunglass Hut

Voga class with Sunglass Hut

“Channel Your Inner Vogue”


Photo Credit: Sunglass Hut (Facebook Page)

This summer Sunglass Hut invites all people to express their personality through its Shades of You Campaign.

In fact, thanks to the different pop-up events, the brand hosted a series of Voga classes and Beyoncé dance classes in London and other UK cities.


As you may have seen in my Instagram posts, I was invited to one of the #ShadesOfYou VOGA classes, with Sunglass Hut and House of VOGA, in Covent Garden and it was really fun.


About VOGA

VOGA is a fusion of Yoga and Voguing with a fashion twist. It is inspired by Madonna 80s’ famous song “VOGUE (Strike a Pose!)”

VOGA has the same healthy benefits of Yoga, but it is more expressive and fun. It helps increasing flexibility, coordination, posture and it also has mental benefits.

house of voga sunglass hut

Photo Credit: Sunglass Hut (Facebook Page)

VOGA was founded by Juliet Murrell, a set designer in the creative industry. She is also a yoga instructor, and she decided to create a more dynamic form of Yoga.

If you love the 80s vibes, and you are ready to strike a pose, this is for you!

shades of you pop up event

Voga Class – Covent Garden Pop-Up event

shades of you smoothies

sunglass hut shades of you covent garden

sunglass hut poup covent garden

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