The Bloggers Tea Party

tea party

The Bloggers Tea Party

Last Monday I attended the Bloggers Tea Party, that took place at The Pop Up Patio, a nice venue in the heart of London.

At the event, there were different food and drink brands that hosted their own tea party with their own theme. A perfect occasion to discover new food brands and enjoy a spring evening in a different way.

Here are my favourite brands, from the Bloggers tea party:

Just Bee Honey Water

Just Bee is the first brand of honey water in the UK. This spring water, enriched with honey and fresh fruit juices, is less than 50 calories and it is a natural antioxidant, so it is good for your skin. It also contains vitamins and minerals. Just Bee comes in three versions, my favourite  is the blueberry one!

just bee honey water

This honey water brand was launched in 2015 by Joe Harper and Andy Sugden. Just Bee also has a mission: to help save the bees. For this reason they donate ten per cent of all profits to a charity, Friends of the Honey Bee. The brand also provides free wildflower seeds to their customers.

just bee

I tried Just Bee and I liked it. It is fresh and it is good for the skin.

PIC’S Peanut Butter

pics peanut butter

I can say that Pic’s is the best peanut butter I have ever tried! This brand, from New Zealand, has also an interesting history. His peanut butter has no added sugar and it is fresh roasted.

Pic’s also offers other products, such as peanut oil and almond butter.

I really recommend you to visit their website, for more information and for some recipe ideas to copy!


chinas gluten free snacks

Chika’s offers delicious snacks. A lot of them are also gluten free and vegan!

Jake’s Boost

jake boost

Jake’s Boost is a nut butter, free from sugar, palm oil, salt and diary. The brand uses natural mixed nut and seed butters. Furthermore, Jake’s Boost helps the children in need in the UK.



Mead Ho!

mead honey beer

Mead Ho! is a sweet honey beer, made from natural ingredients.

the bloggers tea party

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