Slendertoxtea: your healthy detox plan

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Your healthy detox plan

As you may have seen in my Instagram profile (dorafashionspace), some time ago, I tried Slendertoxtea, as a part of a healthy detox plan.

Slendertoxtea offers health supplements to help people achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The teatox is its bestseller. I had never done a detox like this before and I was really curious to see if it worked.

This teatox is good to increase metabolism, energy levels and have less bloating. It has been used by women and men. The brand has also been featured in different magazines.

You can find different teatox plans (from 14 days to 3 months), for different needs. It is good both for a long term weight loss goal and a short one.


How to use Slendertoxtea

To achieve the results, it is important to use Slendertoxtea as part of a balanced healthy detox plan. To help you with this, on the Slendertoxtea website, you can find an eating plan. As part of this detox plan there are a lot of healthy foods to eat as full portion sizes. Slendertoxtea plan also recommends avoiding meat. In fact, they recommend to eat fish instead (during the period of your teatox diet).

how to follow detox plan

My experience with Slendertoxtea

I tried the 14 days teatox, that contains 14 daytox tea and 7 sleeptox dietary supplement. Their ingredients are made from natural herbs and plants and their aim is to help you lose weight. The supplement has no calories. They also have some ingredients that are useful to cause the colon cleansing, in order to improve the metabolism.

daytox tea

I had a daytox tea every morning, for 14 days, when I woke up. Following the instructions, on the website, I used a medium sized cup of warm water (not boiling water) and I left one bag to brew for 2 minutes.

At night, I had the sleeptox tea, a few hours before going to sleep.

sleeptox tea

I also tried to follow a healthier diet. This detox plan was a good way to start to introduce more fruits and vegetables in my diet. The Slendertoxtea plan was really helpful to give me ideas on what to eat and how to follow a more balanced detox plan.

I felt 14 days are not enough to see the result of the teatox diet. However, since the beginning  my stomach was less bloated. So, I am confident that with a good combination of diet, exercise and Slendertoxtea teatox plan, a great result can be achieved!

Disclaimer: This item was sent to me in return for an honest and unbiased opinion.

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